The latest update on collective bargaining

Vari Hall

On Saturday, Feb. 20 and Sunday, Feb. 21, the bargaining teams met with the assistance of mediator Chris Albertyn. The focus of these meetings was to discuss the Unit 2 items of job stability and equity, with the latter focusing on how to increase the diversity of equity group members in the bargaining unit. To help facilitate these important discussions, the University has set aside its previously tabled extension framework proposals.

Over the course of the weekend, the University presented a series of job stability and equity proposals to CUPE that the University believes can be implemented and will advance equity consistent with the parties’ shared interest in increasing the diversity of the bargaining unit.

The University looks forward to continuing these meetings with the mediator on the weekend of Feb. 27 and 28, to discuss and receive answers to the University’s proposals on job stability and equity for Unit 2

Ongoing bargaining

Prior to the weekend meeting with Albertyn, the parties also met twice during the week of Feb. 16, where the University presented a number of proposals to the Union in response to proposals previously made by CUPE. These counter proposals were made following the University’s careful review of CUPE’s proposals. The University does not anticipate providing any further response to several of CUPE’s proposals due to measures imposed by the provincial government’s Bill 124 (you can read our letter to CUPE on this topic here). For those items where the University was able to provide counter proposals, we look forward to hearing back from CUPE at our meeting scheduled for Feb. 26.

York University remains committed to achieving negotiated collective agreements with CUPE 3903 that will help ensure stability and certainty in an uncertain time.

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