Event will celebrate new publications by faculty in York University’s Department of Social Science, Feb. 9

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

A virtual event will be held to celebrate seven recent publications by faculty in the Department of Social Science at York University. This event will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 9, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Zoom. To learn more, visit this link for details. Each of the books is available for purchase at the hyperlinks provided with the descriptions below.


Images of the seven books authored by faculty in the Department of Social Science. The authors and their books will be celebrated Feb. 9
Images of the seven books authored by faculty in the Department of Social Science. The authors and their books will be celebrated Feb. 9

Socialist and Post-Socialist Urbanisms: Critical Reflections from a Global Perspective (University of Toronto Press, 2020) Lisa B.W. Drummond and Douglas Young (Editors)

Socialist cities have special qualities which endure in particular, subtle, and often under-theorized ways. This book engages with socialism on a global scale, as well as the variety of socialist urbanisms and post-socialist urbanisms, and the range of ways in which globalization intersects with changes in socialist and post-socialist cities.

Rising Up: The Fight for Living Wage Work in Canada (UBC Press, 2020) Bryan Evans, Carlo Fanelli and Tom McDowell (Editors)

Rising Up traces the history and international context of living wage movements across Canada. Contributors to this astute and compassionate collection of essays examine union- and community-based approaches to organizing in marginalized communities, the role of social reproduction, migrant labour, and media (mis)representations, among other key topics.

From One Coffee to Another (De un Café a Otro: Reflexiones Sobre la Sociedad Contemporánea) (RIL Editores, 2020) Jaime Llambías-Wolff and Juan Carlos Aquirre

This book is an analytical three-year conversation between two social scientists about contemporary life, the economic, political, social and cultural reality challenging contemporary society. Several national and international issues are addressed through a critical analysis, including extensive footnotes, but accompanied with a freer literary writing style, that reflects a self-motivated dialogue.

The Disease of the Health Systems: Critical and Alternative Views (La Enfermedad de los Sistemas de Salud: Miradas Criticas y Alternativas) (RIL Editores, 2020) Jamie Llambías-Wolff (Editors)

The aim of the book is to theoretically explore contemporary problems and attempt to reflect on the current state of what health should be. My intention is to facilitate a debate towards other paradigmatic options, those that give birth to original policies that probably only await their historic moment. The current model is not only in crisis, but also definitely exhausted. The challenge is to ensure that health can become an ethical value of modernity. 

Research as More than Extraction? Knowledge Production and Sexual Violence in Post Conflict African Societies (Open Democracy, 2020) Annie Bunting, Allen Kiconco and Joel Quirk (Editors)
Sexual violence presents all kinds of challenges for researchers. In this edited collection, contributors draw upon applied examples from Uganda, Sierra Leone, Congo, and Nigeria in order to reflect upon the challenges involved in asking questions and conducting fieldwork, interacting with communities and brokers, and the layered effects of privilege and position. 

The Justice Crisis: The Cost and Value of Accessing Law (UBC Press, 2020) Lesley Jacobs and Trevor Farrow (Editors)
This book assesses what is and isn’t working in efforts to improve access to civil and family justice. Meaningful access is often a question of providing pathways to resolving everyday legal issues. The availability of justice services that aren’t only tied to the courts and lawyers – such as public education on the law, alternative dispute settlement, and paralegal support – is therefore an important concern.

Business Ethics and Legal Ethics: The Connections and Disconnections between the Two Disciplines (Lexis Nexus Canada, 2020) by Vanisha Sukdeo
This book examines questions pertaining to business and legal ethics in order to fill a gap in the literature between what is taught at business schools with respect to business ethics and what is taught in law schools about legal ethics.