Two-part workshop explores powerful medium of Hip Hop music

A two-part workshop that explores the powerful medium of Hip Hop from a historical context to contemporary time will run Feb. 3 and March 3 online.

Presented by the School of Social Work in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, the series will focus on the aspect of critical healing in Hip Hop that has engaged the hearts of its listeners and performing artists who have experienced various forms of personal and societal traumas. The workshops aim to be engaging and interactive for the participants by taking them on an emotional journey into their experience with music and the application of Hip Hop as a method of radical healing.

The series “The Cypher: Hip Hop as a Method A Process of Critical Healing Through Art, Politics, and Culture” will run from 6 to 8 p.m. on both dates and feature presenters Freda Bizimana, Precious Myers and Ken Williams featuring DJ Raffiki.

Workshop 1 – Historical, Feb. 3
Overview: Workshop 1 is an introductory session that focuses on the historical context of Black popular culture and music leading up to the emergence of Hip Hop culture. We will explore healing methods from a socio-political and cultural perspective using this genre and art form.

Workshop 2 – Application, March 3
Overview: Workshop 2 will explore how to implement Hip Hop elements as methods of engagement and education. Take a journey with the songs’ beat through mental health journaling and lyrical critiques, artistic graffiti political expressions, therapeutic mixed tape selections, groupwork cyphers and community awareness and education. Let your inner soul free through the music.

To RSVP, visit These Zoom sessions will be recorded.