Glendon Campus: Avoiding slips, trips and falls during winter and while working remotely

Glendon Campus in the winter
Glendon Campus

Slips, trips and falls are among the most common types of workplace injuries. As temperatures drop and snow flies, the number of injuries due to slips, trips and falls tends to increase. Anyone can slip, trip or fall on level ground, and winter’s wet and icy conditions make the likelihood greater. It is important to be continually aware of the dangers and to walk safely on ice and slippery surfaces. See the tips from Health, Safety and Employee Wellbeing in these posters, on how to prevent injury from slips, trips and falls. (The following is the information for the Glendon Campus community. The information for the Keele Campus community was posted last week.)

Tips to Avoid Winter Slips Trips and Falls Glendon Campus ENGLISH Poster
Tips to Avoid Winter Slips Trips and Falls Glendon Campus English Poster

In addition, York University’s Facilities Services partners on campus are taking a number of steps for snow removal on campus. To learn more about how they are keeping the campus safe by keeping snow off the grounds, visit their website.

Tips to Avoid Winter Slips Trips and Falls Glendon Campus FRENCH Poster
Tips to Avoid Winter Slips Trips and Falls Glendon Campus French Poster

This year, due to the pandemic, and many community members working remotely, it is important to remember that slips, trips and falls don’t just happen at the workplace – they can happen at home too. When staff and faculty are working from home, their environment doesn’t have the same safety standards that are in place at work. They’re at risk of tripping over household objects like toys, slipping on water spilled from the dog’s bowl, or even falling down the stairs. Below are some safety tips to prevent slips, trips and falls at home:

  • Keep walkways clear of clutter and debris to prevent trips at home.
  • Keep the house well-lit and make sure cords are safely secured.
  • Avoid distractions, like texting on phone, while walking.
  • Avoid slippery socks to prevent slips by wearing proper footwear, even inside the home.
  • Clean up spills, as well as mud or water tracked in on shoes, immediately.
  • Turn on the lights and use a handrail when going up or down the stairs to prevent falls down the stairs.
  • Avoid trying to carry too much – leave one hand free to catch yourself if you stumble.
  • Use a stable stool to reach for items above the shoulder.
  • Pay attention to the surroundings. No environment is as familiar as a person’s own home.
  • Keep work area clear of distractions to avoid getting injured.

In the event of a slip, trip or fall during the course of your work report it to your management supervisor or academic leader immediately for documenting, reporting and investigation, as needed. Also, when on campus, remember to report any areas that may be of concern, before anyone slips, trips or falls.