York professor co-edits book on urban, regional and transnational development in South Korea

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York University Associate Professor Laam Hae (Department of Politics, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies) has co-edited a new book titled On the Margins of Urban South Korea: Core Location as Method and Praxis (University of Toronto Press, 2020).

Hae and co-editor Jesook Song (University of Toronto) are also among seven authors that contribute chapters to the book. York University’s Centre for Asian Research (YCAR) supported the book in its earlier stages through workshop funding.

The book’s authors provide rich and illuminating accounts of the peripheries of urban, regional, and transnational development in South Korea. Engaging with the ideas of “core location,” a term coined by Baik Young-seo, and “Asia as method,” a concept with a century-old intellectual lineage in East Asia, each chapter in the volume discusses the ways in which a place can be studied in an increasingly globalized world.

Examining cases set in the Jeju English Education City, anti-poverty and community activist sites, rural areas home to large numbers of migrant women, and Korea’s Chinatowns, greenbelts, and textile factories, the collection develops a relational understanding of a place as a constellation of local and global forces and processes that interact and contradict in particular ways.

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