Schulich faculty, alumni publish multi-stakeholder research paper on sustainability reporting in Canada

Research York University
Research York University

A research paper written by a Schulich professor, current students and alumni was recently featured in Accounting Perspectives, a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA).

Charles Cho
Charles Cho

Professor Charles Cho worked with seasoned alumni Kathrin Bohr and Katharine Partridge from Stakeholder Research Associates (SRA), as well as Tony Choi, a current Schulich PhD student, and two MBA 2019 graduates Jhankrut Shah and Ada Swierszcz, to complete the academic peer-reviewed version the academic peer-reviewed version of Advancing Sustainability Reporting in Canada: 2019 Report on Progress.

“This research paper is the perfect example of a fruitful, productive Schulich multi-stakeholder collaboration via different activities and programs,” said Cho.

The study examines the progress of Canada’s largest companies in their environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures. Results suggest that challenges persist, Canada has new reporting sectors that must mature to survive the scrutiny of the markets, and provide food for thought for companies interested in continuous improvement.

Bohr is a senior partner at SRA, as well as an alumna of the MBA Business and Sustainability specialization and a member of the Schulich COERB Advisory Council. She frequently appears as a guest speaker in Cho’s Sustainability Accounting and Accountability class, which Shah and Swierszcz took in Winter 2019.

“I love being around students,” said Bohr. “The ones at Schulich are the pick of the crop and are all so smart and engaging. Those interested in sustainability in particular have a real passion and drive to them.”

Working with current students on the report was very rewarding for Bohr and her company, as well as the students involved.

“Jhankrut was able to secure a job in the field after graduating and he attributed getting the job in part to the experience he gained working on this project. What could be more rewarding than that?” Bohr shared.

Bohr is open to working with Schulich students again. “This kind of work is a win-win-win situation for everyone involved. There are so many of us sustainability program grads out there now working in companies or consulting on sustainability,” she said. “Schulich can be a great hub for that kind of synergy between the academic and the corporate worlds.”