McLaughlin Lunch Talk presents discussion on ‘The Right to Religious Freedom’

McLaughlin College invites the York University community to come and listen to interesting speakers as they share their knowledge on a variety of topics during the popular Lunch Talks Series. The long-running series continues this year in a virtual format via Zoom.

Students who attend six or more lunch talks throughout the year will receive a Certificate of Participation, while those who attend 10 or more will receive a Certificate of Honour.

Satvinder Singh Juss

The next event, titled “The Right to Religious Freedom,” takes place Oct. 19 from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. and is a lecture and discussion with Satvinder Singh Juss.

Through the lens of leading decisions by the European Court of Human Rights, this lecture considers the major questions confronting advanced western democracies with respect to freedom of religion, namely: whether the majority is justified in imposing its religion on non-adherents or in giving it a legal status above that of other religions; whether  the Swiss ban on minarets violates such rights; whether there is a realistic distinction between “bearing Christian witness and improper proselytism”; whether individuals should be forced to choose between their religious beliefs and employment, education and other opportunities; and, whether the right line has been drawn with regard to female Muslim dress (headscarf vs. cloak vs. face covering) in education and employment.

Singh Juss is a professor of law at King’s College London, U.K., and a barrister-at-law of Gray’s Inn, London, U.K. He has published widely on the subjects of migration and human rights law.

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