YFile moves to three days a week

typing writing computer

When the COVID-19 pandemic began earlier this year, YFile dropped its frequency to two days a week.

Starting this week, YFile will publish every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday with special issues on the first and third Friday of each month. (The first special issue, “Brainstorm,” is dedicated to research and innovation at York University. The second special issue, “Innovatus,” is focused on teaching, learning, internationalization and the student experience.)

YFile will continue with this increased publishing schedule for as long as there is a demand. YFile is produced by York University’s Communications & Public Affairs (CPA) Division and distributed by email to more than 5,000 faculty and staff of the University.

YFile reports on institutional news and events, people and trends. To learn more about how to submit a story for publication in YFile, visit https://yfile.news.yorku.ca/contact-us/.