Overview of resources students need to know about

Classes begin Sept. 9, and with the official start of the fall term at York University there’s plenty for new and returning students to do, think about and remember.

The Centre for Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD) is available to help students get the most out of their university experience. SCLD offers everything from first-year orientation programming to community building through student clubs and leadership development.

Here's an overview of what resources students need to know about for the beginning of the Fall 2020 term:

'Welcome to York' packages

Close to 7000 Welcome to York packages were sent to students all over the world

Close to 7000 Welcome to York packages were sent to students all over the world

Inspired by the success of York’s Convocation Box, SCLD and the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) coordinated a new initiative with various other faculties and departments to send a "Welcome to York" package to all incoming first-year undergraduate students.

The packages varied depending on the faculties that participated and contained items, including York University branded masks, webcam covers, T-shirts, water bottles, headphones, a message to students from President and Vice-Chancellor Rhonda L. Lenton, as well as a resource for family supports.

The execution of this project was successful in large part due to collaboration with the York University Bookstore, which packaged and sent close to 7,000 packages to students all over the world. Students living in residence will find the package waiting for them when they open the doors to their room for the first time.


YU START is York’s award-winning, online New Student Transition Program and is designed to support students as they make their way through their first year of university. Through this program, students can enrol in courses, connect with fellow classmates, student leaders and student services staff and become more familiar with campus life, supports and available resources.

YU START can be customized to each student's individual program of study and is available to all incoming students throughout the academic year. There are content guides and activities for new students for way finding, well-being, student finances, key dates, computing at York, resources that are available in the York University Libraries (outside of the in-person or virtual classroom opportunities) and more.

Welcome to Fall 2020

York University offers a wide variety of Orientation programming, all online in 2020, for all new and incoming students. It is a great way to meet new people, discover campus resources, and learn all about your degree while supporting a smooth transition into university.

Virtual Service Fair

Taking place on Sept. 8 from 1 to 4 p.m., a number of ancillary and student services will be connecting with incoming and returning students using the EasyVirtualFair platform:  https://yuevents.easyvirtualfair.com/.

The Division of Students has also collaborated with faculty and college partners on a number of pan-University initiatives.

NAVIGATE FALL 2020 website

Whether joining online from the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, within Canada or around the world, the University is keenly aware of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic and that online/remote learning is not how many students expected to start or return to university. To assist students with navigating this uncertainty and to help students feel connected and supported, York has created the NAVIGATE FALL 2020 website.

A full range of programs and services to support academic and professional success, well-being, personal development and building a community at York University are available for students on the NAVIGATE FALL 2020 website.

One of the key resources includes information on Peer Mentors for first-year students who will be matched to a trained upper-year student to assist in making a successful transition to university life. The mentors are from each student’s program and can help answer questions, give advice and recommend services, supports and ways to get involved. This year more than ever, with most courses and services running remotely, the support of a peer mentor is invaluable. For more information contact mypeermentor@yorku.ca.

Learning Skills Services

LSS is located on the second floor of Scott Library in the Learning Commons

Learning Skills Services (LSS) website is an excellent resource for students looking for help with managing their time, studying and learning more effectively, keeping up with readings and course work and achieving their academic goals. LSS connects students with workshops, peer academic coaching, the Learning Commons, COVID-19 well-being resources, the SPARK - Student Papers & Academic Research Kit and more.

Student Guide to Remote Learning

Learning Skills has also created the Student Guide to Remote Learning to help students find resources and supports to help become a successful remote learner. The guide contains tips for a successful transition to remote learning as well as for studying, completing coursework and writing exams remotely. Students can also find information on accessing campus academic and career resources, supports for well-being and how to get involved.

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