Ayahuasca and Its Potential to Treat PTSD. Click here for more York U in the news

York University Professor Robert Muller wrote an article that appeared in Psychology Today on Aug. 20. Read full story.

The Trouble With Marxism
Ian Gentles, professor emeritus at York University, wrote an op-ed that appeared in the Epoch Times on Aug. 21. Read full story.

After a record-breaking summer, Canadian real estate braces for autumn uncertainty
York University Associate Professor Kean Birch was featured in a CTV News story on Aug. 20. Read full story.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ethical Non-Monogamy
York University was mentioned in a Yahoo! story on Aug. 20. Read full story.

Keeping Americans Out of Canada is a Popular Policy for Justin Trudeau
York University Professor Steven Hoffman was quoted in a VICE story on Aug. 20. Read full story.

Who is left behind in a cashless society?
Stephen Gaetz, a professor at York University, was included in a Toronto Star story on Aug. 19. Read full story.

Ontario's newly announced fall hunt 'a hate-on for cormorants'
York University Professor Gail Fraser wrote an op-ed that appeared on Toronto.com on Aug. 17. Read full story.

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