Professor Sergey Krylov receives title of Distinguished Research Professor

York University has selected Professor Sergey Krylov, from the Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science, to receive the title of Distinguished Research Professor.

The title is given to active members of the academy in recognition of their scholarly achievements in research, is awarded for life and evolves into a Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus on retirement.

Sergey Krylov

The major criterion for the honour is sustained and outstanding scholarly, professional or artistic achievement where a significant portion of the candidate’s work has been accomplished at York University. The award is inclusive of all full-time faculty in all disciplinary areas.

Krylov is the Research Chair in Bioanalytical Chemistry and a professor of chemistry at York University. The research in Krylov’s laboratory aims to create innovative and enabling technologies for biomedical and bioanalytical applications. This process includes the study of basic natural phenomena, development and validation of new methods, and creation of practical tools for use in clinical and industrial settings.

Key areas of our research include: biomolecular interactions; personalized cancer medicine; high-throughput drug screening; continuous-flow chemistry; and ultra-sensitive chemical analysis.

“Your nominators have highlighted your international leadership and sustained, globally recognized excellence in the field of analytical chemistry. In identifying and resolving technological obstacles in drug development and through the development of clinical biomarkers of cancer, your work has benefitted the health and well-being of communities nationally and internationally,” said York University President and Vice-Chancellor Rhonda Lenton in a letter to Krylov. “Your commitment to your research is evidenced by your strong publication record and numerous conference invitations. As a colleague, educator, and scholar, you have had a significant and positive impact on the University community.”

The experimental work in Krylov’s lab is performed on all levels of complexity, from in vitro and in silica studies, to tissue and cell-culture work, and in vivo animal models. The research team operates a state-of-the-art infrastructure, and has attained proficiency in a wide range of advanced techniques, including analytical separation methods (capillary electrophoresis and HPLC), mass spectrometry, high-content imaging, confocal microscopy, flow and chemical cytometry, and whole-body imaging. The laboratory hosts a prototype manufacturing facility, which enables researchers to implement their ideas into novel instrumentation. As well, the lab is a part of the Centre for Research on Biomolecular Interactions.

The title of Distinguished Research Professor has in the past been announced and celebrated during York’s convocation; however, a date is pending given the current COVID-19 circumstances.