Put your party hat on for York International’s Virtual Summer Carnival

Following two successful online parties with attendees from around the globe, and with the summer coming to an end, York International is inviting members of the University community to a Virtual Summer Carnival on Aug. 7.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to put their party hats on for this fun-filled event, which will take place at two different times (8 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET), to meet and connect with others from around the world online.

The two-hour party will include exciting activities such as Brazillian Samba dancing lessons, learning to make fun carnival treats and snacks and friendly competitive carnival-themed games. As an interesting twist, party guests can choose in advance which food they would like cook and which games they’d like to play.

York International Student Volunteers
York International student volunteers are excited to host this final party

Everyone is encouraged to dress up and decorate their space to match the carnival mood. Attendees can download a custom Virtual Carnival Background to tie the Zoom room together.

Similar to the Virtual Spring and Summer Party, this event will serve as a showcase of the enthusiasm, spirit and energy York University has to offer.

Information on how to attend and other updates can be found on the event web page.