Professor Laurie Wilcox becomes president of Vision Sciences Society

VISTA will propel Canada as a global leader in the vision sciences

Faculty of Health Professor Laurie Wilcox will serve the Vision Sciences Society (VSS) as president of its board of directors for a one-year term. Wilcox was elected to the position in February 2019 and served as president-elect until June 2020. She assumed the role of president on June 29.

Laurie Wilcox
Laurie Wilcox

The Vision Sciences Society is a non-profit membership organization of scientists who are interested in the functional aspects of vision. VSS was founded in 2001 with the purpose of holding a high-quality annual meeting which brings together scientists from the broad range of disciplines that contribute to vision science, including visual psychophysics, neuroscience, computational vision and cognitive psychology. The scientific content of the meetings reflects the breadth of topics in modern vision science, from visual coding to perception, recognition and the visual control of action, as well as the recent development of new methodologies from cognitive psychology, computer vision and neuroimaging.

Wilcox, who has been an active member of VSS since it was founded 20 years ago, says this role is “an exciting opportunity to support and promote this exceptional community of vision scientists.”

Wilcox is a professor in the Department of Psychology and holds a Tier 1 York Research Chair in 3D Vision. She is a member of the Centre for Vision Research at York University, and a member of the VISTA (Vision: Science to Applications) leadership committee.  She joined the faculty in 1996 and holds a cross-appointment in the graduate program in biology.

Wilcox is head of the 3D Perception & Psychophysics Laboratory at York University. Her research focuses on the neural mechanisms responsible for human depth perception and how depth information is processed under complex real-world conditions. She has a long history of collaboration with industry partners, such as in 3D film (IMAX, Christie) and more recently in Virtual and Augmented Reality (Qualcomm Canada) and image quality (VESA).