Class of 2020: Graduation messages, celebration videos and more for graduating students

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, convocation at York University will look different this year. While there will be no in-person convocation ceremonies this spring, all graduating students will be invited to a future convocation ceremony once we are able to do so safely.

In the meantime, York still wants to help graduating students recognize this important milestone, and has prepared a virtual graduation celebration. In order to allow graduating students the flexibility to celebrate with family and friends, the graduation celebration will not occur on a specific date. Instead, students will be able to access a virtual celebration website, along with a graduation package being mailed to each graduating student.

To celebrate joining the York alumni community, there is a special graduation celebration video to watch. To wear your cap while you watch the video, place the tassel on the right side of your cap and wait for the moment in the ceremony where you will be instructed to move it to the left to show that you are officially a York graduate. Then, it’s time to put on your York Alumni pin and throw your confetti in celebration.

Visit this link to access the graduation celebration videos.

To download special graduation digital assets, and watch congratulatory messages, visit the main York University Grad Celebration website.