UIT releases annual report to the community

typing writing computer

The University Information Technology (UIT) Department in the Division of Finance and Administration has released the “IT Annual Report to the Community 2019-2020.”

The report highlights several achievements from the past year and their impact on various areas of the University. The report also demonstrates the resilience, perseverance and commitment of the UIT team members who continue to provide unwavering support to the York community.

Donald Ipperciel

“Technology touches all our lives every day here at the University. Our aim in UIT is to serve our students, faculty and staff proactively, so that the tools you need to do your work function seamlessly and responsively when you need them,” said York University’s Chief Information Officer Donald Ipperciel. “From checking your email, to accessing course information, to connecting and collaborating with colleagues near and far.

“I would like to thank our community – our partners at York and all the UIT staff – for their continuous engagement and trust. Your commitment and support are what make IT successful at York,” added Ipperciel.

To learn more, read the IT Annual Report to the Community 2019-2020.