Glendon recognizes students with annual Engagement Awards

Glendon student engagement

Students of York University’s Glendon Campus were recognized recently for their leadership in academics and contributions to the community and to Glendon.

These outstanding achievements are highlighted through the Student Engagement Awards, where students are nominated by their peers.

This year’s awards and recipients include:

Margaret Wallace Leadership Award – awarded to a student who has demonstrated participation and leadership in campus life, with priority given to those involved in sport
Recipient: Kelsey Charette

Convocation Award of Excellence for Student Leadership – awarded to a graduating student who has been an exceptional leader, one who has made a consistent and valuable contribution to the community at Glendon.
Recipients: Delphine Guet-McCreight, Carli Gardner and Anais Dagrou

Emerging Leader Award – recognizing the contributions of a student who has recently become involved in student activities and demonstrates commitment and leadership potential.
Recipient: Ana Kraljevic and Kelly Akerman

Outstanding Contribution Awards – acknowledging the achievements of committed students who have had a positive impact on the student experience at Glendon by generously dedicating their time and talents.
Recipients: Dael Vasquez, Juliana Simoes-Dadgar, Bailey Campbell, Rebecca Kazdan, Megan Schwegel and Stephen Teong

Prix Molière – awarded to a student who has made important contributions to Theatre Glendon.
Recipient: Meghan Williams

Robert Wallace Award of Merit – given to a Glendon student demonstrating a strong record of involvement in, and positive contribution to, Theatre Glendon.
Recipients: Allison Holden and Vincenzo Sansone

John Proctor Award – awarded to a returning Glendon student for outstanding contributions to the Glendon Athletic & Recreation program in terms of organization, leadership and program promotion.
Recipient: Nathalie Sciberras

Ian Bingham Memorial Award – awarded to a Glendon student who promoted Glendon sports activities at the local and/or inter-college level.
Recipients: Catherina Blair and Tamara Donnelly