New webinar series explores innovation and the human element of the ‘new normal’

Person working on a computer

The COVID-19 Global Pandemic has forced innovators and entrepreneurs to redefine the norm and adapt to a completely new and unprecedented environment. As schools, businesses, and industries evolve seemingly overnight to cope with the social distancing measures, Innovation York is focusing on the individuals in its entrepreneurial community who are braving this storm.

Innovation York has partnered with the City of Markham’s Small Business Centre to develop the “COVID-19 Innovators Series” to help the community gain the necessary tools and support needed during this time. This webinar series explores both the innovation and human element of the new normal, aiming to drive positive conversations and helpful insights to support communities with adjusting to the new realities of social distancing and virtual connectivity.

Topics will include:

  • “Adapting Your Social Media Strategy” will help entrepreneurs develop a marketing strategy to develop the right tone during this challenging time.
  • “Fundraising Tips and Tactics to Practice During COVID” will help entrepreneurs understand how they can position themselves for funding during COVID.
  • “Remote Work Health & Wellbeing Tips” will help the community at large create a healthy fitness routine while maintaining social distance.
  • “Mental Health & Mindfulness” will help the community understand the potential effects of social distancing and self-isolation for others.

The COVID-19 Innovators Series kicked off last week and but space is still available for some of the upcoming workshops posted on the YSpace website at The remaining workshops are in development and will be launched in the upcoming weeks.

To learn more, sign up for the Innovation York our newsletter at The newsletter is a great way to stay up to date on the release of these workshops.

All sessions are free and open to all entrepreneurs, students, and staff.