New book explores how teachers can learn from each other

mentoring each other FEATURED
mentoring each other FEATURED

A new book by York University Faculty of Education course director Diane Vetter explores how teachers can learn from each other. Co-authored with former secondee Lana Parker, the book Mentoring Each Other: Teachers listening, learning, and sharing to create more successful classrooms looks at ways teachers can collaborate and learn from each other in both formal and informal institutions.

Based on extensive experience, the book includes personal histories and experiences around important values and advocates for honest reflection and meaningful feedback. This approach to mentoring is applicable to a broad range of professional learning communities, and an increase in new teachers entering the system makes the book a much needed resource for beginning teachers.

“Our book addresses the questions, opportunities and challenges that teachers face in their mentoring relationships and classroom practice,” said Vetter. “Embedded in its chapters are relevant and purposeful ‘Mentoring Moves,’ which are very specific tools and strategies that can be used to support mentoring, develop reflective practice and continue on the journey to teaching excellence.”

The book which was published by Pembrroke Publishers, and is available online from Indigo.