YCAR faculty associates publish new edited collection

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A new book exploring the mobilities of capital and labour in the contemporary global economy, with a focus on Asia, is the product of a collaborative workshop held in 2017 at York University.

Preet S. Aulakh, from the Schulich School of Business, and Philip F. Kelly, from the Department of Geography, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, published a new edited collection Mobilities of Labour and Capital in Asia, published by Cambridge University Press.

The book is the product of a joint York Centre for Asian Research (YCAR)-Schulich workshop, “Asian Connections: Linking Mobilities of Capital and Labour in Theory and Practice” that took place in 2017.

Using an analytical framework around three dimensions related to the forms, institutions and spatialities of mobility, the chapters use a variety of sub-national, national and transnational sites within and beyond Asia to examine the interrelationships between mobilities of capital and labour at multiple levels of analyses.

The book includes an introduction by the editors and a chapter on Philippine property development by YCAR Graduate Associate Kenneth Cardenas (Geography).