York faculty and staff – YFile wants to feature you!

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York faculty and staff – YFile wants to feature you!

YFile will be launching new content in the coming weeks, and in an effort to stay connected as a community, we’d like to focus on featuring York faculty and staff.

There will be two new feature series to look forward to in YFile exploring the interesting things our community members do both on and off campus.

Take some time to read the outlines below, and if you are interested in being a candidate or know someone who might be a good fit, please send us an email at yFilenews@gmail.com.


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Consistent with its name, this new series will feature the work done by faculty and staff at York University. Included in this short Q-and-A style profile will be questions about working life at York, followed by a few fun and quirky questions to keep things light. To have a look at the Q-and-A, download the form here. If you’d like to be featured, fill out the form and send it back to yFilenews@gmail.com with the subject line “ProFile candidate.” Please include a high-res photo in your response.

My Secret Life

My Secret Life FEATURED

Focusing on life outside of York University, this new series will examine what interesting – and perhaps unexpected – activities faculty and staff pursue during their personal time. Do you have a special talent or an interesting hobby? Do you spend time making contributions to your community or have a volunteer role you are passionate about? Do you moonlight as an entertainer, artist, musician or performer? Have you won awards or competitions unrelated to your work at York University? We want to hear about it! Drop us a line at yFilenews@gmail.com with a brief summary of what makes you shine, or nominate someone you know at York. Use the subject line “My Secret Life.” Please note that we will require a high-res photo.

We look forward to hearing from our community about the amazing things you do.


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