University Women’s Club of North York extends donor agreement to support student scholarships at York

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For more than 60 years, York University has built its reputation on academics, meaningful partnerships and a strong sense of social responsibility. In the process, the school has established itself as an institution closely connected with its students, staff, external community organizations and several other networks.

As an affiliate of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW), the University Women’s Club of North York (UWCNY) is dedicated to ensuring that girls and women have equal access to education and career opportunities across several fields. Throughout its history, the club has built excellent connections with the community by raising awareness of women’s issues, hosting workshops, and assisting local students in reaching its academic goals.

“Previous members of our club have sought to establish STEM scholarships for women, which would help remove some financial barriers,” UWCNY Vice-President Barbara Cook said. “That’s something we want to continue to grow as we move forward.”

UWCNY has accomplished the educational aspect of its mission through funding awards for students at York University. Since 1986, the club has given out 167 awards supporting women enrolled in numerous programs at York – providing nearly $120,000 in donations. In recent weeks, the club agreed to terms extending this donor agreement for many years to come.

Between this academic year and 2028-29, UWCNY has pledged to donate a total of $84,500 to support eight different student awards for women in various disciplines.

These gifts include the UWCNY Beverley Jackson Prize (valued at $500 per year, beginning in 2020-21), in addition to the University Women’s Club of North York Award for Female Students with Disabilities (awarded to two students each year), the University Women’s Club of North York – Lee Robertson Memorial Award, the University Women’s Club of North York Award – Glendon, and University Women’s Club of North York Awards in Economics, Information Technology, Administrative Studies and Science – valued at $1,000 per year, respectively.

“As an organization, we want to support young women across the city who are choosing to study in the North York region,” Cook added.

In providing these awards, UWCNY is doing its part to help alleviate the pressures faced by women balancing academics and school expenses. With the goal of supporting tomorrow’s leaders in mind, prizes are given to deserving students who make the most of their studies – meeting specific academic and extra-curricular qualifications.

“This extended partnership means so much to our Faculty, and to our school as a whole. The University Women’s Club of North York has always shown tremendous support for our students,” Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Associate Dean, Global & Community Engagement, Lily Cho, said. “It’s wonderful to see their organization continue to provide financial assistance for girls and women pursuing their dreams at York University.”


The University Women’s Club of North York is a thriving club founded in 1951. UWCNY has over 200 members who represent a wide variety of interests, disciplines, and professional achievements. Their club aims to advocate for the improvement of the status of women, early learning, and childcare, and to raise funds for local, national, and international charities and women’s scholarships.

For more, visit the UWCNY website.