The Centre hosts its second Consent Week, Feb. 10 to 14

Students in a hallway

York University students, staff and faculty are invited to join the Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education (The Centre) as they raise awareness about consent during Consent Week at York UFeb. 10 to 14.

“Through these events, we hope to continue fostering the ongoing dialogue of the importance of consent in our everyday lives as we navigate the world, both within campus and outside of campus,” said Joanie Cameron Pritchett, director of Community Support & Services. “We invite all of our community members to join us as we navigate consent within a variety of disciplines. Consent week includes a multitude of events to reach out to our students, staff and faculty [including] discussions, training, workshops and lectures both on Glendon and Keele campuses.”

There are all kinds of events open to all York community members. The Centre will be hosting several sessions covering topics such as sexual trauma, boundaries, and how to be an active bystander, but there is also an open dance session planned as well as a self-defence workshop for all those whose lived gender identity is that of a woman or girl (whether cis or trans). There are limited spots at some events, so community members who are interested in attending should register early.

This is the second Consent Week at York University, with the first happening in October. The idea was born from the positive feedback from successful previous training and education sessions that The Centre has provided for the community.

“We’ve had positive feedback, and always taken input from our community members that we need more awareness for our entire community of students, staff and faculty. That’s why this year we were focused on creating an entire week of events,”said Cameron Pritchett

By bringing in experts to provide insight and continuing to raise awareness around consent, The Centre hopes Consent Week at York University also helps raise awareness about the supports and services offered by their office, staff, peers and external partners.

“We’re here for survivors on our campus, but also those who support survivors, engage in this type of work or for those who want more information,” said Cameron Pritchett.

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