New cohort of ‘Future of Marketing’ magazine editors named

Schulich master of marketing

A cohort of Business Master of Marketing (MMKG) ’20 candidates from Schulich School of Business have been named the new managing editors of the Future of Marketing magazine. The students – Parnika Sharma, Nicholas Bird, Madeleine Cruickshank, Priya Rajkumar and Qianhao (Cristine) Ren – become managing editors alongside Schulich Professor and MMKG Director David Rice.

Pictured are: (top) Parnika Sharma, Nicholas Bird, Madeleine Cruickshank and (bottom) Priya Rajkumar and Qianhao (Cristine) Ren

The Future of Marketing magazine is the largest digital publication on the topic with more than 43,000 viewers, upwards of 10,000 followers and 1.3 million pages read. The magazine is an excellent resource for both marketing professionals and students interested in ‘future of marketing’ topics.

Content is curated daily by the dedicated group of current MMKG students, who cover topics related to artificial intelligence, facial recognition, digital assistants/voice search, emotional (affective) computing, marketing automation and more.

The Future of Marketing magazine is available for free exclusively through the Flipboard Future of Marketing app/website. Join Flipboard in order to read the magazine and have access to the magazine’s complete library of more than 3,000 marketing-related articles.

The magazine was founded in 2013 by Brian Bowman, CEO of Consumer Acquisition.

Last year, Bowman transferred ownership of the magazine to Schulich to benefit its students, said Rice.