A reminder that final Academic Innovation Fund proposals are due Feb. 7

image shows a class in the Curtis Lecture hall

A reminder to the York University community that the call for proposals for York University’s Academic Innovation Fund (AIF) is now available. This next phase of AIF is seeking proposals for embedding eLearning and experiential education into the curriculum, and innovative strategies and projects that foster student success, retention and internationalization.

Individual applicants are required to submit their proposals to their Faculty dean to be reviewed, approved and ranked. The Office of the Dean will then submit full package to the Office of AVP Teaching and Learning. Each Faculty may have its own internal deadline. Faculty members should consult the office of their dean for internal submission deadlines keeping in mind that the final submissions are due Feb. 7 by 4 p.m. and must be provided electronically to the Office of the Associate Vice-President Teaching and Learning at avptl@yorku.ca.

The call for proposals prioritizes the following areas:

  • embedding eLearning into undergraduate or graduate degree programs using blended or fully online strategies;
  • embedding experiential education in undergraduate or graduate degree programs through community focused and/or work focused experiential education strategies that could include a focus on entrepreneurialism in the curriculum;
  • embedding student success and retention strategies within the curriculum in undergraduate degree programs;
  • embedding internationalization within undergraduate or graduate degree programs. (Internationalization of curriculum implies integrating an intercultural dimension into learning and teaching so that students can acquire an appreciation and understanding of international perspectives and competencies.

There are two broad categories for proposals:

The AIF Category I focuses on pan-University projects that support academic innovation. AIF Category II supports course development projects. A total of $1.5 million in funding will be available annually over each of the next two years (i.e. 2020-21 and 2021-22).

AIF Category I project proposals may request one or two years of funding support. Approval in principle will be given for Year Two funding requests and final approval will be based on the degree to which the project has met its agreed deliverables for Year One.

AIF Category II funding will provide individual grants to full-time and contract faculty members seeking to redevelop their courses using eLearning, selected experiential education strategies and/or international perspectives/opportunities. (All new course proposals must have received appropriate governance approval or approval in principle prior to submission.)

AIF was created in 2010 to encourage innovation in teaching, learning and the student experience. The fund supports implementation of projects that advance York University’s institutional priorities that are laid out in the University Academic Plan, its Strategic Mandate Agreement with the provincial government, and the Institutional Integrated Resource Plan. AIF encourages innovation and change at York University by supporting new initiatives or those that extend current initiatives in significant new ways. From 2011-19 more than $12 million in financial support was awarded to 205 unique projects, each of which has advanced innovation in teaching and learning, the student experience and internationalization.

To learn more about the fund and to watch a collection of videos highlighting successes from previously funded projects, visit the AIF website at http://aifprojects.yorku.ca/.

Project proposal documents, forms and criteria are available online at http://aifprojects.yorku.ca/.