A report to the community on mediation between two student groups

People walk through Vari Hall, which is located on York U's Keele campus

Shelia Cote-Meek, vice-president, equity, people & culture, and Lucy Fromowitz, vice-provost students, issue this update to the University community:

Late last year, several privileges related to the use of university space were temporarily withdrawn for two student organizations following an event and protest that resulted in verbal and physical confrontations.

In keeping with York University’s leadership and commitment to promote free speech, while ensuring a safe and discrimination-free environment, both student organizations were invited and agreed to participate in separate facilitated discussions as a condition for the restoration of their privileges.

The individual sessions were held with the University and both student organizations on Thursday, Jan. 9, and were led by an independent third-party mediator. To read the full report on the results of these discussions, visit  https://president.yorku.ca/strategicpriorities/campus-dialogue/post-mediation-communication/.