Join a Joint Health & Safety Committee today and help make a positive impact on your workplace

If you’re interested in making a positive impact on your workplace, learning new skills and collaborating with your colleagues, then the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) is for you.

You can learn more about JHSC from your colleagues in this video. There are still some spots available, visit the JHSC website to view your area’s JHSC to see if there are spots available.

The purpose of the JHSC is to continuously improve workplace health and safety. It is intended to be a collaborative partnership between workplace parties functioning in a primarily advisory capacity, but does include some distinct rights and responsibilities.

The role of the JHSC is to:

  • identify workplace hazards, and
  • make recommendations to improve workplace health and safety.

The JHSCs are made up of workers and management representatives and are an integral part of York University’s internal responsibility system. The purpose of the JHSCs is to continuously improve workplace health and safety.

York University is a large organization with several JHSCs based on work location/department/faculty.

Visit the JHSC website to explore the JHSC structure and get to know the JHSC representatives from your work area.

If you are interested in joining your JHSC, and are a unionized employee, contact your union. If you have any questions or need additional information, contact Health, Safety and Employee Well-Being at or ext. 55491