UIT launches a new service called MyApps

Woman typing on a keyboard

As part of a continued commitment by University Information Technology (UIT) to enriching the community’s experience, a new service called MyApps will make its debut Sept. 16.

The MyApps service will replace the current WebFAS service, and it offers a more modern and convenient solution for delivering software to students, faculty and staff. MyApps  enables University community members to launch software such as Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat and IBM’s SPSS from any browser either on campus or at home.

Over the past months, UIT staff have been testing and piloting MyApps with much success. Now that the pilot phase is complete, UIT is ready to bring MyApps to the York community. Everyone is encouraged to begin using the new service starting Sept. 16. Access to WebFAS will be continued until Dec. 20, after which it will no longer be available.

Here is a list of what to expect from MyApps:

  • A modern interface:  MyApps provides a modern, one-stop University portal to access software.
  • Better performance:  Applications will run as seamlessly as if they were locally installed on your computer.
  • Consistent user experience:  All applications behave the same, whether launched from a Mac or PC.
  • Seamless authentication:  When using a Windows machine, if you have already authenticated with your Passport York credentials, you will not be prompted to log in to MyApps.

To learn more about MyApps, visit https://staff.computing.yorku.ca/support-services/myapps.

Questions or comments should be sent by email to askit@yorku.ca or by calling 416-736-5800.