York University introduces QLess, a new queue management system

Long lineups can be challenging to students and staff, especially during peak periods at the beginning of a semester (September, January, May). With almost everyone carrying a mobile device, a queue management system can provide the technology to better manage traffic, reduce wait times and increase the time university staff can spend providing services to students.

York University has introduced QLess, a new queue management system for students. The cloud-based system can be accessed through any internet-enabled mobile device or desktop computer and is designed to reduce the physical time that students spend waiting in lineups.

With QLess, students can join a virtual queue via the web, which in turn helps them to better manage their time. QLess then provides students with text updates that notify them of their position in the line, which means students only need to be present when it is their time to meet with an advisor or service representative. By joining a virtual line through QLess, students can wait anywhere on campus.

Students can join a QLess virtual line in several ways:

  • with their text-enabled mobile phone;
  • with the QLess app; or
  • from an on-site kiosk equipped with internet service and a laptop or PC.

QLess virtual line management is currently being used at the following York University locations:

  • Admissions Client Services, Bennett Centre for Student Services (third floor);
  • Registrarial Services, Bennett Centre for Student Services (main floor);
  • Lassonde School of Engineering (Bergeron Centre lobby);
  • Academic Advising Services, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, Ross Building (103 Central Square).

Each location has internet-equipped, on-site kiosks. Student service representatives are also available to help students learn to use QLess.

For information on QLess, visit yorku.ca/virtualline.