Staff, faculty invited to volunteer for ASK Me and York Orientation Day

With more than 10,000 new students joining the York University community this fall, staff and faculty are encouraged to sign up to participate in the Welcome to York campaign.

The campaign is designed to help students navigate campus, find classrooms and discover resources during their first days at the University through the ASK Me program, and also provides additional student support during Orientation.

There are several ways faculty and staff can volunteer:

Wear an ASK Me lanyard
• Show York pride by wearing an ASK Me lanyard around campus and support students while heading to a meeting, grabbing lunch, commuting to or from campus, grabbing a coffee etc. ASK Me ambassadors are asked to wear a lanyard throughout the first week of classes to be easily recognizable. This option is only available to staff and faculty members, and does not require in-person training.

Volunteer for one or two hours at an ASK Me booth
• Volunteer at an ASK Me booth and support new students by helping them find their way during the first few days of classes. Four booths will be located across campus in high-traffic locations where students can conveniently locate them. This option is open to students, staff or faculty members.

Volunteer at York Orientation Day
• Volunteer at York Orientation Day on Tuesday, Sept. 3. Volunteers will help to support one of the biggest events of Orientation Week, where students meet professors and upper-year students from their program, tour campus and attend the official York Welcome Ceremony. This option is open to students, staff and faculty members.

Register to participate for the above roles by filling out this online form.

“It is a big campus and it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed,” said Saba Rafiq, the project lead for the ASK Me campaign. “But, together we can help ease this transition and make a long-lasting, positive impression.”

A commitment of one or two hours, which could be during lunch, can go a long way to show care and compassion toward new students and help them get where they need to go. Those who are unable to volunteer for a booth shift can still wear the ASK Me lanyard so students can identify those that can help, Rafiq added.

Anyone volunteering for the ASK Me booth shift will be required to undergo a mandatory training session, which includes lunch. Those interested should register by Monday, Aug. 26 at this link.

York Orientation Day is a full-day event for all of York University’s new undergraduate students.

“I cannot stress how much I value the time and energy of our wonderful campus colleagues and partners who volunteer for this event every year,” said Greg Langstaff, the project lead for York Orientation Day. “I look forward to seeing you all come out to help the biggest event on campus run smoothly again this year.”

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