An update on the province of Ontario’s Student Choice Initiative

Earlier this year, the Ontario provincial government announced a post-secondary school reform agenda. The Jan. 17 announcement identifies reducing the cost of tuition and increasing affordability for post-secondary students as the driver for the reform.

A component of this reform is the Student Choice Initiative (SCI), which allows students to opt out of paying fees that are considered “non-essential.” Non-essential supplementary fees support student-run programs and services that directly benefit students and enhance campus life and culture. These fees are now optional and active students will have the opportunity to opt out of paying any or all of them.

Upon consideration, York University has decided that employees and their dependents under Tuition Fee Waiver will not be affected by the Student Choice Initiative. Their non-essential supplementary fees will continue to be funded by the University.

To learn more about the SCI and the fee guidelines, visit the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities website.