Calling all researchers!


Are you a York researcher skilled at translating complex research for a community audience? Or do you have awesome material you’d like to share, but need a few tips and tricks to turn your thesis into more of a TED talk?

The Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation (VPRI) and the Division of Advancement are offering a unique opportunity to academics to help them mobilize their research and get their knowledge out to our communities. Enabling the world outside university walls to appreciate the rigorous research conducted by academics is more important than ever.

VPRI and Advancement are inviting all York researchers – those with experience adapting their research for a lay audience and those who would like support to do so – to let us know you are out there. We will be creating a roster of approximately 30 top-tier speakers for the 2019-20 year. These speakers will be invited to represent York University at various campus and community events. To ensure equitable distribution across Faculties and experience levels, specialized and tailored training will be made available to selected applicants.

“As a university, we have a mandate to share our amazing faculty, postdoctoral and graduate research with the communities that support us. Moreover, knowledge mobilization is a critical ability and outcome that most tri-council opportunities require. We want to help support our researchers to not only get the training to share their research effectively, but also provide them high-impact opportunities to do so,” says Rebecca Pillai Riddell, associate vice-president research.

“We have many opportunities for York to mobilize our knowledge,” adds Alyson Gampel, associate director, alumni engagement, Division of Advancement. “In addition to the York Circle on campus that attracts over 1,200 people a year, we have partnerships with museums, libraries and cool new spaces that are looking for accessible, interesting university content.”

If you’re interested and would like to be included with our inaugural cohort, fill out this simple registration form by July 5.

For questions, contact Pillai Riddell at or Gampel at