Film crew for TV show ‘Condor’ at Keele Campus, June 8 to 11

The TV show “Condor” will be filming at York University’s Keele Campus in various locations on June 10. The film crew will be on campus from June 8 to 9 doing setup work and on June 11 to clear the set items after the filming. During this period, the campus will be transformed to look like a Russian embassy in several locations. Community members will encounter Russian signage in some areas and they may experience minor redirections as the crew sets up and films. Signage will be posted and staff will be on hand to inform community members of filming locations and to redirect them.

Some of the locations include: the Curtis Building’s first floor, the Curtis tunnel to Lassonde, the Ross-Vari Link, the Ross Podium’s southwest stairs, the Arboretum and the Bergeron courtyard.

The community will experience some delays in these areas, with the areas only being restricted during the actual filming, which should last for a few minutes at a time. Film staff, York event staff and security personnel will be on hand to assist community members.

On June 10, there will be fake theatrical weapons held by “Russian guards” that will be in the Ross-Vari Link and the Ross Podium areas. There could be noise or action generated from these weapons, and the community should not be alarmed by these weapons. The fake theatrical weapons will only be visible when filming is required.

If community members have questions, they are asked to contact Accommodation & Conference Services at or 416-736-2100 ext. 20325.