York University ranks second in North America for risk, insurance and actuarial science research

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York University was ranked second in North America and fifth in the world for the cumulative number of papers published in leading actuarial and insurance risk journals for a non-business school.

The University Nebraska-Lincoln compiled the UNL Global Research Rankings of Actuarial Science and Risk Management and Insurance. The rankings include the top 20 North American and the top 50 worldwide business and non-business schools. The rankings are broken down into three categories – risk management and insurance; actuarial science; and risk management and insurance and actuarial science. The rankings tally the number of cumulative publications in five leading scholarly journals, including the Journal of Risk and Insurance and Insurance: Mathematics and Economics.

The chart shows York University’s position in the recent rankings report

York University ranked higher than Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of California at Santa Barbara, among others, to come in second in North America in the risk management and insurance and actuarial science rankings. Only the University of Waterloo ranked higher in this category in North America. York also placed fifth worldwide.

These are objective rankings that hinge solely on the cumulative number of publications in risk, insurance and actuarial science per school in the leading scholarly journals,” said mathematics and statistics Professor Ed Furman, director of the Actuarial Science program in the Faculty of Science. “It is encouraging to note that the rankings are not relative, meaning they do not account for the number of faculty members at each institution. If this component was taken into consideration, York may have done even better.”

Worldwide, York ranked ahead of universities in the U.S., Italy, Germany, China, Switzerland, Denmark, Turkey, the U.K., Belgium and France to take fifth in the risk management and insurance and actuarial science research rankings.

Actuarial science is the area of mathematics that applies quantitative methods to assess and manage risks in the insurance and finance industries as well as in other professions.

The Actuarial Science program at the University Nebraska-Lincoln tracks papers published in a leading risk and insurance journal and four leading actuarial journals since 1990.