York faculty, students contribute to new volume on international students in Canada

A photo of an open book on a table
A photo of an open book on a table

Professor Ann Kim (Department of Sociology, York University) and Professor Min-Jung Kwak (Saint Mary’s University) are co-editors of a new volume on international students in Canada. Outward and Upward Mobilities: International Students in Canada, Their Families, and Structuring Institutions was recently published by University of Toronto Press.

Outward and Upward MobilitiesIn addition to Kim, York faculty and students whose research is included in the publication include: Saeid Chavoshi (psychology), Elena Chou (sociology), Stella Dentakos (psychology), Sangyoo Lee (social work), Amira El Masri (education), Guida Man (sociology), Jean Michel Montsion (multidisciplinary studies), Roopa Desai Trilokekar (education), Maxine Gallander Wintre (psychology) and Lorna Wright (Schulich).

The authors investigate the connections between students and institutions. Like other migrant groups, student mobility is a form of social mobility, and one that requires access from a host state. But there are multiple institutions with which students interact and that influence the processes of social mobility. The collection features work by key scholars in the field that explores how international students and their families fare in local ethnic communities, educational and professional institutions, and the labour market.

More information is available online.

The book is the culmination of Kim’s and collaborator Professor Eunjung Lee’s (social work, University of Toronto) “Outward and Upward Mobilities: Families from South Korea in a Transnational Era” project, which was based at the York Centre for Asian Research and supported by various units at York, the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the Academy of Korean Studies and the Population Change and Lifecourse Strategic Knowledge Cluster at Western University.