LCO, Osgoode and Element AI will host a discussion about artificial intelligence

computer plays chess with a human

The Law Commission of Ontario (LCO), Osgoode Hall Law School and Element AI are hosting a discussion about artificial intelligence (AI) and the emerging legal, regulatory and ethical issues surrounding it. The event will take place on Wednesday, May 15, from 1 to 4 p.m. in the Helliwell Centre at the Ignat Kaneff Building (home to Osgoode Hall Law School) at the Keele Campus. It will also be live streamed.

This event has been positioned to be an introduction to AI, think of it as AI 101 – designed for lawyers. The event will include an explanation of AI technology and address crucial and growing issues about the impact of algorithms, automated decision-making, and artificial intelligence (AI) on the legal system in Ontario.

Automated decision-making systems, which may include the use of algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, are already being utilized or proposed for use in areas as diverse as immigration and refugee proceedings, child welfare services, eligibility for government benefits, police profiling, and to determine sentencing, bail and parole conditions.

The representatives from LCO, Element AI and guest speakers will discuss issues including accountability, transparency, due process, “ethical AI”, human rights, data governance, challenges in litigating and contracting AI, and the emerging regulatory landscape.

This event follows up the LCO’s recent March 22 Roundtable on Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System.  More information about the LCO’s Digital Rights Project can be found here. The event is funded, in part, by a Law Foundation of Ontario Justice and Technology Grant. Registration is required for this event and can be completed here.