LA&PS alumni and Fellows to be consulted on revisioning of colleges

People walk through Vari Hall, which is located on York U's Keele campus

As the consultation stage of the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) Colleges Re-Visioning winds down, a special consultative dinner will be held for alumni and Fellows of the four colleges affiliated with LA&PS: Founders, Vanier, McLaughlin and New. The consultation will be held in the Founders Assembly Hall, Founders College, on Wednesday, May 8, from 6 to 9 p.m. Since most of the colleges’ alumni and external Fellows are generally unavailable during the day, the dinner was arranged to ensure that these valued members of the college communities have an opportunity to provide their direct input into a new vision for LA&PS Colleges.

“Our college alumni and Fellows are among the strongest supporters of our University and its collegiate system and we wanted to ensure that they too had an opportunity to be directly involved in our open, consultative, deliberative process for the development of a new vision for our Faculty’s four unique and outstanding Colleges,” said Professor James C. Simeon, head of McLaughlin College.

“This meeting is being held after the second semester and at the end of the traditional academic year to allow us to report on what we have heard, thus far, in our extensive consultations with staff, students, and faculty and to discuss and possibly map out future directions that may be included in our preliminary report on the LA&PS Colleges Re-Visioning,” said Professor Pablo Idahosa, head of Founders College, co-lead on the project with Simeon.

The LA&PS Colleges Re-Visioning has held four thematic College Town Halls covering a wide set of questions. It has also held a number of focus groups, stakeholder meetings and conducted a student survey. More information can be found at

Following the consultation stage, a preliminary report will be released, and a general town hall will be held. This will allow the York University community to provide comments before a final report is drafted and presented.

For more information on LA&PS Colleges Re-Visioning and the Alumni and Fellows consultation on Wednesday, visit, or contact contact Kiana Blake, Colleges Re-Visioning project assistant, at