The University’s IT Strategic Plan 2019-24 is now available for community comments

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The following message to the University community is from Professor Donald Ipperciel, York’s chief information officer:

After several months of consultations with the community, we are now ready to present a final draft version of the IT Strategic Plan 2019-24. For the next two weeks, until May 14, the document will be online for you to comment (IT Strategic Plan).

Feel free to send your comments to The IT Strategic Plan Steering Committee will be happy to make final edits to the document according to community feedback. This will be the final step to developing the IT Strategic Plan 2019-24.

The next step will be to create a five-year execution road map that will include project prioritization according to relevant criteria, resourcing and costing, timelines aligned with partners’ Integrated Resource Plans, the collection of data on metrics and key performance indicators etc. But that’s for later.

Thanks for your comments so far and we’re looking forward to hearing back from you soon.