You are invited to CRAM, Toronto’s free festival of learning and discovery, April 5

On April 5, inquiring minds from across the Greater Toronto Area are invited to a special evening of learning and discovery at CRAM the first learning festival of its kind in Canada.

Toronto’s four universities are opening their doors to the public to share some truly fascinating and novel research that would not normally be available to the public. York University is taking this festival in a totally innovative direction by featuring talks about life on Earth and what life will be like living in space; screening a new documentary currently on the festival circuit about reconciling our relationships with each other and the land, while we ponder the question of our survival into the next century; presenting dance and music performances from ground-breaking groups on campus challenging how research is brought to life; and next-generation immersive experiences that allow you to be a part of the research, whether it’s about how “big brother” is watching us, the rapid spread of epidemics, or defining the unnatural naturally.

In addition to the intriguing research at York University, which is bound to stimulate your mind, there will also be food trucks and a cash bar at the Keele Campus that will certainly satisfy other appetites.

Taien Ng Chan CRAM presenter
Taien Ng-Chan, CRAM presenter

If you plan on taking the subway to York University for CRAM, you might want to download the podcast by York University researcher Taien Ng-Chan about turning everyday commuting into a creative or meaningful practice. And if you arrive at York University Station between 5 and 5:45 p.m., you can meet Ng-Chan at the subway station before joining her in Vari Hall.

Mark your calendars and put CRAM on the schedule!

CRAM will take place on April 5 from 5 to 11 p.m. at York University’s Keele Campus. Each research event will last approximately 25 minutes and includes a Q-and-A with the featured researcher. CRAM events will take place in Vari Hall, 198 York Blvd., Keele Campus.  There’s no cost to attend but organizers request that participants register their intent to attend (it helps with planning the event).

How does CRAM work?

The first learning festival of its kind in Toronto, CRAM will feature innovative ways of engaging audiences in academic research using out-of-the-box techniques. This will help make big and potentially complex ideas easily digestible and more fun for everyone. Four universities are participating, including York University, the University of Toronto, Ryerson University and OCAD University. Each university will host an event every hour that explores a diverse, multidisciplinary range of topics. Participants are encouraged to travel between the schools, exploring topics of greatest interest to them.