Lassonde Professor contributes to new book ‘Unmanned Vehicle Systems for Geomatics’

Costas Armenakis
Costas Armenakis
Costas Armenakis

York University geomatics engineering Professor Costas Armenakis adds textbook editor and author to his resumé with the release of the book Unmanned Vehicle Systems for Geomatics: Towards Robotic Mapping.

Along with Petros Patias, Armenakis contributed as a co-editor and chapter author to the text, published by Whittles Publishing.

The book contributes to the transformative and revolutionary use of small, unmanned vehicle systems for 3D geospatial data acquisition and mapping, which is considered to be a paradigm shift in the science and technology of geomatics. The text provides a breadth of knowledge on the subject, including:

  • Unmanned Vehicle Systems for Geomaticsa systematic and comprehensive approach for the use of small, mobile unmanned systems for robotic geomatics research and applications;
  • the state-of-the-art use of low-cost unmanned vehicle systems, with emphasis on the unmanned aerial systems for geomatics technologies and practices; and
  • the most recent developments in methods, systems and innovative applications.

To order a copy, visit the Whittles Publishing website or contact the publisher directly at