Three Lassonde teams head to Canadian Engineering Competition

The Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) took place earlier this month at the University of Waterloo. Three teams from Lassonde competed against the top 150 students in the country, with the programming team placing second.

Established in 1985, and hosted annually at a constituent university, CEC is a highly selective competition.

Members of the three Lassonde teams following the Canadian Engineering Competition

Those invited must first best their peers at their own intrauniversity competition, and then achieve a top performance at their respective regional competition.

“I am very proud of our students this year,” said Emily Secnik, president, Lassonde Engineering Society.

“We were one of the most represented schools at the competition this year.”

Lassonde students Julia Paglia, Shawn Verma, Josh Abraham and Amer Alshoghri made up the programming team. The senior design team featured Lassonde students Michael Tabascio, Konrad Kaczor, Chandler Cabrera and Jacob Samson. Lassonde students Koroush Toghrol and Emily Secnik made up the re-engineering team.