Welcome to the March 2019 issue of Brainstorm

Brainstorm, a special edition of YFile publishing on the first Friday of every month, showcases research and innovation at York University. It offers compelling and accessible feature-length stories about the world-leading and policy-relevant work of York’s academics and researchers across all disciplines and Faculties, and encompasses both pure and applied research.

In the March 2019 issue

The March 2019 issue of Brainstorm is a special issue featuring all women researchers and academics undertaking original and ground-breaking work at York University. We celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8.

Things just got a whole lot easier for cybercriminals, new research reveals
Lassonde research brings to light how hacking, via compromised devices, has facilitated an easier way for cyberattacks to take place. In this Brainstorm Q-and-A, Professor Natalija Vlajic calls for manufacturers, government and end-users to combat this serious threat.

XL Outer Worlds project gears up for the debut of five exceptional films
Five filmmakers are working feverishly on an extravaganza debuting next month. Led by York’s Janine Marchessault, together with the grandson of the man who invented IMAX, the XL Outer Worlds project promises to be an unforgettable, larger-than-life experience.

New research on ovarian cancer could mean improved patient outcomes
A new study provides evidence on the tumour-promoting role of a microRNA, a small ribonucleic acid critical in controlling the expression of genes in biology, and the tumour-inhibiting potential of a gene in the deadliest form of ovarian cancer. These molecules could be used as potential markers or therapeutic targets, which could save lives.

Focus groups on Black youth experience expose failures of multicultural policy
Professor Andrea Davis undertook groundbreaking new research on Black male youths in Toronto. In the resulting paper, she seamlessly unpacks a complex history, provides a solid critique of multiculturalism and offers a glimpse into some of the real-life experiences of these young people in our city.

Research finds climate change contributes to rising mercury levels in fish
New research from York University looks at rising mercury levels in predatory fish in Ontario and tries to untangle the web of causation to better assess how changing environments are impacting wildlife and, ultimately, people consuming fish.

Launched in January 2017, Brainstorm is produced out of the Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation in partnership with Communications & Public Affairs; overseen by Megan Mueller, senior manager, research communications; and edited by Jenny Pitt-Clark, YFile editor and Ashley Goodfellow Craig, YFile deputy editor.