York students earn jobs through Government of Canada speed hiring event

Denis Robert (from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat) and Sukhpreet Singh
Denis Robert (from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat) and Sukhpreet Singh

Federal government representatives visited the Second Student Centre at York University’s Keele Campus for a speed hiring event on Feb. 5, when 59 undergraduate students were given the opportunity to interview for jobs within the Government of Canada, including the Canada Revenue Agency and Indigenous Services Canada.

Prior to this event, students were invited to a panel discussion with federal government representatives to learn about different full-time, summer and internship job opportunities and get insider tips on how to apply. These jobs were posted on the Career Centre’s job posting page and students who applied and met the criteria were sent an invitation to attend the speed hiring event.

During the event, students were interviewed and shortlisted, and more than 20 successful candidates were presented with offers on the spot. For some students, this was their first job interview; for others, it was their first job out of university.

Denis Robert (from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat) and Sukhpreet Singh
Denis Robert (from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat) and Sukhpreet Singh

“I think it’s amazing,” said Sukhpreet Singh, a fourth-year student in public administration who was offered a job with the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. “This is essentially what we come to school for. We work hard for four years because we are hoping we can find an employer. Enabling us to take the initiative is really all we need. If we have the opportunity, I know people will come and grab it. We just need to see it.”

Most students at the event were happy to get the chance to interview for a job with the government.

“This gives me so many more opportunities. Even if I don’t get this job, I have the experience of having completed an interview for a federal government position before I’ve even graduated,” said Angela Pereira, a fourth-year student. “I have a couple more months to go and I’ve already had the opportunity to do an interview.”

The event was not only a success for students, but also for the employers. For instance, the Canada Revenue Agency intended to hire eight York students, but decided to hire nine. Students were offered jobs from different government departments, including:

  • Indigenous Services Canada;
  • Public Services & Procurement Canada;
  • Canada Revenue Agency;
  • Canada School of Public Service;
  • Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat; and
  • Environment & Climate Change Canada.

Whether the students landed a job a not, the opportunity to interview and learn more about government employment was a valuable experience.

Government delegates and Career Centre staff
Government delegates and Career Centre staff

“It motivates you. Getting selected for an interview not only makes you feel like you have a chance to get the position, but also that you have the skills that are required for the job,” said Marina Alexandra Ngou-Wondje, one of the successful student candidates, during the event. “At least if I get the interview, I know that my resumé is pretty good. Even if I don’t get a position through this process, I still feel like I get (interview) practice.”

The speed hiring event is one way career educators at the Career Centre support students at York U. More opportunities for students to connect with employers and alumni are available through Career Conversations events, TASTE and future speed hiring events.