McLaughlin College’s Re-Visioning Town Hall to focus on communication in the era of social media

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Communication is the theme for an upcoming town hall that is part of the Re-Visioning of the four colleges in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS). It will be held at McLaughlin College on Wednesday, Feb. 13, from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Junior Common Room, 014 McLaughlin College, Keele Campus.

Organizers of the Colleges Re-Visioning project have deliberately taken a consultative approach to shaping a new vision for LA&PS colleges, using town halls to engage the college community through open dialogue and collaboration. On Feb. 13, all are welcome to participate in an exercise of understanding the use of modern communications technologies to stay in contact with each other.

Modern communications technologies provide us with many platforms and means through which we communicate with each other — from texting and WhatsApp to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others. How have they changed the way we exchange information at University? More specifically, for the purposes of the mission of the colleges at York University, how do they help in providing students with the best and most successful higher education experience possible?

The McLaughlin College Re-Visioning Town Hall will seek to explore these and other questions regarding communicating: first and foremost, with all LA&PS students, but, in addition, with the broader college communities of staff, faculty, alumni and Fellows. Communications are at the very core of the University’s mission to further students’ potential for self-fulfillment as local, national and international citizens.

By participating in the next college town hall, your voice will help to shape the future “vision” of the colleges in LA&PS. Anyone from the wide-ranging and diverse, learning, research and instructional communities is welcome to attend the college town halls and provide their input in the process that will lead to a new vision for LA&PS colleges.

This will be the third Colleges Re-Visioning Town Hall. The previous town hall was held at Founders College on Wednesday, Jan. 16. It addressed the broad thematic of the effective and efficient use of both interior and exterior college space. For a summary of the key takeaways from this college town hall, visit the LA&PS Colleges Re-Visioning interactive website. Organizers invite you to add your voice to the key issues and concerns with respect to the better use of the colleges’ physical facilities and resources by completing the Post-Founders College Online Questionnaire. Everyone is welcome to do so.

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