Twelve spots available for Faculty of Science Dean’s Undergraduate Research Awards this summer

The Dean’s Undergraduate Research Awards (DURAs) in the Faculty of Science are a way to help undergraduate students get hands-on research experience.

A student conducts research in a Faculty of Science lab

This summer, the Faculty will host 12 high-performing science research students, twice as many as the first year of the program.

“This is a great way for students to gain experience and contribute to ongoing research in an area they are interested in,” said Jennifer Steeves, associate dean of research and graduate education. “It’s an invaluable opportunity.”

DURAs are 16-week research positions (paid, full-time) that allow undergraduate students to work in a York University research group over the summer. Past DURA students have worked on projects from studying the genetics of cancer to investigating probability models to calculate insurance risk.

It’s provides students with experience they may not get otherwise and gives them a good idea about what it’s like to do research in a lab and with other group members. This is especially important if students are planning to go on to grad school and pursue research.

DURAs are supported by funds from the Faculty of Science and donors. In 2017, Bernadene Magnuson and Earle Nestmann committed $100,000 over four years, through a tax-smart gift of stocks, to fund a total of 22 DURAs.

The additional benefit to all summer research students in the Faculty of Science, is they will have the opportunity to present their work at a conference hosted by the Faculty at the end of the summer.

More information about eligibility and the application process is available on the Faculty of Science website.

The deadline for applying is Feb. 22.