York researchers invited to apply for new Large Grant ‘Preliminary Study’ Funding Competition

Research York University
Research York University

A new grant opportunity for researchers at York University will support multi-Faculty research teams.

The Large Grant “Preliminary Study” Funding Competition will provide funding to multidisciplinary research teams that have evidence of prior collaboration and are ready to launch a specific preliminary research project.

The project should lend strong support to a large-scale Tri-Council grant opportunity in the fall of 2019 or spring of 2020 by demonstrating feasibility, capability, importance of the endeavour and proof of concept.

“Building on the momentum of PIER and our new Strategic Research Plan 2018-23, this grant is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with Faculties to support strong interdisciplinary research teams working towards large-scale grant opportunities at SSHRC (Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council), CIHR (Canadian Institute of Health Research) and NSERC (Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada),” said Rob Haché, vice-president research and innovation.

The grant application is due April 1; however, research teams interested in submitting an application need to contact their Faculty’s associate dean of research by March 1.

Rebecca Pillai Riddell

York University Associate Vice-President Research Rebecca Pillai Riddell said many recent grant opportunities are focused on multidisciplinary projects.

“A lot of the new Tri-Council funding opportunities, like the Collaborative Health Research Projects and the New Frontiers in Research Fund, are targeting projects that require cross-council collaboration,” she said. “York researchers should not hesitate to contact myself or others in the Division of the Vice-President Research (VPRI) to ask about this important new York internal grant.”

Regina Lee

Lassonde Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies Regina Lee, who brought up the need to VPRI, said, “This new York grant fills in a critical gap for established multidisciplinary teams that require more expansive pilot or preliminary study to be competitive for larger Tri-Council grant applications.”

Applications (form, principal investigator CV, Faculty letters of support, pertinent external partners’ letters of support) are due electronically to roseman@yorku.ca by April 1.

For the full timeline, more information and application details, visit the yu link site: bit.ly/2WQhGRx.