Professor Emeritus Michael Herren delivers three lectures at universities abroad

Research word graphic
Research word graphic

Distinguished Research Professor Michael Herren of the Department of Humanities in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies presented three lectures in January at universities abroad. These were in connection with his project “A Critical Edition of the Epinal-Erfurt Glossary,” funded by the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council.

Michael Herren

The first lecture, titled “Greek in the Epinal-Erfurt Glossary,” was presented at the Greek in the Early Medieval West conference held at the Humanities Research Centre at the University of Oxford, Jan. 9 to 10.

The second, “Challenges of Editing the Epinal-Erfurt Glossary,” was read at the Graduate Seminar of the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at the University of Cambridge on Jan. 14.

“The Hisperica Famina and the Glossaries” was read at the University College Galway’s Department of Classics on Jan. 18.

Herren is the principal investigator of the editing project, which involves scholars in Germany and the U.S. It is hosted by the Dictionary of Old English Project at the University of Toronto. The Epinal-Erfurt Glossary is the oldest Latin to Old English glossary that can be reconstructed. It was compiled in the late seventh century C.E., probably at Canterbury.