Help tell the York story by adding your voice to a new questionnaire

Vari Hall in the winter
Vari Hall in the winter

The following is a message to the York University community from President and Vice-Chancellor Rhonda L. Lenton:

The start of a new academic term is always exciting, and I want to let you know that in addition to our regular activities, York is embarking on some needed and important work that will help shape and inform how we communicate our unique story to those audiences crucial to the University’s continued success.

The goal is to clearly and simply define what York stands for – what we value, what we offer and how we are different from other universities. Ultimately, we will arrive at a narrative that captures in a meaningful way why students want to study here, why staff want to work here, why faculty want to teach/research here and why alumni want to remain engaged with the University.

It is time to step back and refocus, refresh and evolve our story to make sure our mission, vision and values are well understood by everyone.

Shortly, York faculty, staff, students, alumni and key external stakeholders will be asked to complete a confidential research questionnaire to help identify York’s most compelling strengths and unique qualities. You will also be asked for your perspective on select peer universities in Ontario.

I encourage you to complete the survey – this is an opportunity for you to provide your thoughts and insights about York. A greater participation rate will provide more robust data and allow us to develop a differentiated narrative that is true to who we are while fully embracing York’s values, promises and benefits. It will enhance York’s reputation and increase positive awareness of the excellent learning and research we do, positioning our staff, students, and faculty for success today and into the future.