Join the conversation Jan. 30 for YU Let’s Talk Mental Health Day

On Jan. 30, York University will mark its seventh annual Let’s Talk Mental Health Day, an initiative that is part of York’s Mental Health Strategy to promote a more holistic and integrated approach to campus health.

One of the biggest hurdles for anyone suffering from mental health issues is overcoming the stigma attached to it. YU Let’s Talk helps to move the conversation forward towards reducing this stigma, while promoting awareness and understanding.

By taking the first important step of opening up conversations, we can foster a healthy, inclusive and supportive environment, one which promotes positive mental health and well-being among members of the York community.

Mental health applies to everyone – not just those struggling with illness.

Through a variety of education, training and awareness events, York University’s Mental Health Strategy promotes a more holistic and integrated approach to campus health that supports academic excellence, employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as the overall success of all York community members.

Join others in the York University community on Wednesday, Jan. 30 and help keep the conversation going.

To learn more about York’s Mental Health Strategy and activities in support of YU Let’s Talk Mental Health Day, visit