Professor Alidad Amirfazli presents surface engineering research at NATO Headquarters

Alidad Amirfazli
Alidad Amirfazli

Lassonde School of Engineering Professor Alidad Amirfazli from the Department of Mechanical Engineering presented research results on the topic of anti-icing systems at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Headquarters’ 60th anniversary event celebrating the Science for Peace Program. Attending the event was Rose Gottemoeller, deputy secretary general of NATO.

Amirfazli’s project, funded by NATO, presents the creation of an innovative system for combating icing issues in extreme maritime conditions relevant for defence and security, such as communication antennas/dishes as well as operating vessels in high seas.

The project developed an innovative and customizable thermoelectric system that was fabricated using a new 3D manufacturing approach in collaboration with the TF-Lab at Lassonde. The system can reverse ice formation once detected based on specific software as well as innovative superhydrophobic materials as shown in field tests on high Arctic on board a coastguard ship this past winter.

For more information, visit the Surface Engineering & Instrumentation Lab (SEiL) website.