McLaughlin Annual Public Policy Lecture explores federal approach to ethics

McLaughlin College at York University will present its Annual Public Policy Lecture on Nov. 29, examining the theme “The Federal Approach to Ethics from an Evolutive Perspective – Key Milestones, Past and Future.”

The event takes place at 5:30 p.m. in the McLaughlin College Junior Common Room, and features Mario Dion, the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner of Canada.

Mario Dion
Mario Dion

Dion will provide an overview of the major steps and causes, in the past 50 years, of the evolution of regimes governing elected and appointed officials at the federal level and will attempt to predict what significant additional refinements should be added in the first half of this century.

He will also highlight the raison d’être for such measures and the main impact they have on officials.

Dion was named conflict of interest and ethics commissioner on Jan. 9, following a long and distinguished career with the Government of Canada. After graduating with a law degree in 1979, Dion immediately joined the federal government as legal adviser. After 1988, he occupied several senior positions at the Correctional Service of Canada, the Department of Justice and the Privy Council Office before being appointed deputy minister of Indian Residential Schools Resolution in 2003, commissioner for public sector integrity in 2010 and Chair of Canada’s two largest administrative tribunals.

This event is open to all. It is co-sponsored by the Office of the College Head, McLaughlin College, the School of Public Policy and Administration, and the Master of Public Policy and Law program.

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